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Serving Wexford since 1898, Hughes & Sons is your trusted source for a wide selection of quality headstones, grave kerbing & chippings, plaques, monuments and ornaments. With our commitment to customization, we ensure that each offering is tailored to your unique requirements. Let our knowledgeable team assist you in ordering and customizing the perfect memorial to honor your loved one’s legacy.

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Classic memorials with enduring remembrance for loved ones.

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Celtic Crosses

Celtic tradition carved into sacred memorials of eternal significance.

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Crafted memorials etched with exquisite artistry and precision.

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Angels & Hearts

Heavenly memorials with angelic figures and heartfelt symbolism.

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Scrolls & Books

Preserve cherished memories in a scroll or book headstone.

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Available Colors

Select the perfect color for a truly personalized memorial. 

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Grave Kerbing

Accents to adorn and honor our loved one’s resting place.

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Chippings & Pebbles

Natural gravels and pebbles, adding beauty to resting places.

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Plaques & Accessories

Heartfelt tributes to preserve cherished memories that will last.

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Restoration & Cleaning Service

We take pride in providing a headstone restoration and grave cleaning service to preserve the beauty and dignity of your cherished memorials. We can help with gravesite maintenance, headstone cleaning, letter repainting & letter re-gilding.

Before - Restoration & Cleaning
After - Restoration & Cleaning

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Custom Memorial Cards

Honour the memory of your loved one by personalizing and printing custom memorial cards, shipped to your door. Choose from various templates and sizes, and use the design tool to upload photos, add a loving message, and place your online order effortlessly.

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